Fashion and hairstyle: achieve
the look of your dreams!


Let your clothing style
do the talking!

What really ties us to our clothes? They bear the mark of our deep psychological aspects: they speak of self-image, relationship with others, more or less conscious desires, personal history, but also emotions. Happiness, anger, shame, joy, nostalgia… So many emotions that rub off on our clothes.

The outfit, as well as the final rendering, is more important than the clothes themselves. In order to benefit from all its beauty, a garment is bought above all according to one’s morphology and silhouette, but above all according to one’s desired look.

Let your clothing style
fashion hairstyle

Fashion tips

Tips to boost your look

  • Choose the right colours
  • Combine basic and streetwear pieces
  • Stand up for what you believe in through your clothes
  • Wear vintage clothes

How do you give yourself a makeover?

There are colors we like and colors we don’t. And yet, the ones that suit us best are not necessarily the ones we like. To avoid the risk of a faux pas, start by passing different colours of fabric in front of your face. This way, you’ll see the shades that make you look your best and bring out your eyes. For example, forget beige or very light pink for milky skin. Do you know the three-colour rule? Neither too much nor too little. Never wear more than three colours at a time so you don’t look like a clown. Just one shade, especially if it’s dark, can quickly make you look sad. In the end, two colours are still a sure thing.

You shouldn’t only stick to changing your clothing style, beacause, as long as makeovers are concerned, face, skin and hair beauty care and adjusments should also be part of the equation. These beauty tweaks can range from eyelashes and eybrows care, like that offered by Misencil for instance, to fingernails’ care and hairstyle changes and colouring…

Colours that make you stand out

Colours that make
you stand out

Women's hair care

The devil is in the details


Your hair definitely reveals your personality and reflects your affinities. Indeed, your choices show the fine depths of our desires.

Damaged hair

You often need to acquire a new range of products and find vitamins that guarantee elasticity and good hydration.

Hair colouring

Hair colouring professionals often distinguish ten main shades from the lightest to the darkest. Read our articles for more.


It consists of reconstructing the hair thanks to a high concentration of keratin and essential amino acids such as silk protein.

Washing your hair

Wash your hair carefully using a good quality shampoo, however, do it every other day to prevent it from drying out.

Hair brushing

Do it moderately! Many prefer to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair just after shampooing, with just a few strokes.
Colouring and treating your hair

Colouring and treating your hair can cause it to lose a lot of its natural beauty and shape. Women who opt for natural hair often don’t have problems with dryness, brittle or dull hair. If you still colour your hair, don’t do it too often. Take breaks between colours to let your hair breathe.

Cut the ends of your hair regularly

The best way to get rid of split ends is to…do it yourself! Take hair scissors and cut your hair about half a centimetre above the split ends. Many women with beautiful hair never have split ends, because cutting them is a priority for them, and they do it every 6 to 8 weeks.

Hair straightening techniques

Permanent hair straightening

Brazilian straightening

Brazilian straightening

Japanese straightening

Japanese straightening

Korean straightening

Korean straightening

American straightening

American straightening