Condition and nature of her hair

Luminous and airy, hair is the symbol of femininity. Before make-up and clothing, it is the hair that attracts the first glance. Unfortunately, pollution, stress, diet… there are many reasons why hair is in poor condition. Whether it is short…

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How to get trendy waffle hair?

Among the looks that have gained ground in autumn-winter 2013-2014 is the retro trend of the 80s, illustrated on the Karl Lagarfeld fashion show where the tops feature embossed sauerkraut. Who can dare the embossed look? To have an embossed…

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Regenerate your hair with natural colouring products

Your hair is subject to intensive and recurrent use of chemical products that act over time on its texture and thus contribute to several abnormalities such as hair loss, itching, dull colour… To restore strength and beauty to your mane,…

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Red hair without cosmetic products!

The best way to get a beautiful mane and vibrant colour without the risk of getting your hair attacked by chemical-filled dyes is to apply henna. In terms of quality and effectiveness, this plant is really what you need for…

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Effective solutions for strengthening and repairing damaged hair

Your hair is often subjected to intensive care and several external factors that weaken it and reduce its shine and strength. In order to protect and strengthen your hair, you not only need to acquire a new range of products,…

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How do I choose an ideal hair care brand?

Currently, there are a large number of revolutionary brands in the beauty and hairdressing industry. These brands offer a wide range of high-performance and highly effective hair care products. Today’s hairdressing products come in different types depending on the nature…

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