All you need to know about eyelash extensions

An eyelash extension application can raise a lot of questions so Alison will explain everything there is to know before making an appointment! Some readers have noticed that my eyelashes are long... too long to be true, too long to be honest! To write this article, I had the help of one of them, an eyelash application technician, trained in Russia! Indeed, I have long eyelashes because for some time now, I let myself be tempted by eyelash extensions, and frankly, I am neither shocked nor disappointed.

Why did I succumb to the temptation of eyelash extensions ?

To avoid mascara

My desire to try eyelash extensions comes mostly from the time I lived in England and the United States. I like my eyelashes very fluffy, very voluminous as in English-speaking countries, where the practice of eyelash extensions seemed more widespread than in France. But it is becoming more and more democratic in France now, and eyelash extensions are often more "natural". You have already heard about eyelash extensions on the site, but I wanted to come back in more detail on the different offers that exist and on all the precautions to take related to hygiene or the choice of your provider when using eyelash extensions! Before talking about the how, I wanted to come back to the why! I have a personal problem with mascara. As I have clear lashes, I find that the mascara never looks natural on my lashes, even when I choose a brown one instead of the usual black one! Beyond being tired of applying mascara, it's mostly my eyes that don't always react very well when I wear it. Even when I apply one, which is hypoallergenic, I hate this feeling of make-up that crumbles and gets into my eyes. My eyes are very reactive, they quickly become irritated and red. Since I have my eyelash extensions, I have less and less of this problem. There may not be a cause and effect link, but I have the feeling that using less products on my eyes on a daily basis (mascara, makeup remover and others) is at the origin of this improvement! I clean my eyes with saline and everything is going very well. But beware, nothing prevents you from using make-up when wearing extensions (I will explain below).

To bring out my clear lashes

Because I have blond/red (i.e. invisible) eyelashes and I'm tired of the mascara stinging my eyes. I think it's revolutionary to look like I'm wearing no make-up. Having eyelash extensions saves time in the morning! The other very nice advantage is that even during the most difficult awakenings, eyes that look like they're made up and more open look better!

The application of eyelash extensions

Distinguishing the different types of installation

It is already necessary to distinguish between eyelash extensions and false eyelashes, which can be bought in stores and held in place with a "soft" glue. The application of false eyelashes can be done alone or in front of the mirror, but not the extensions. If you don't feel ready to take the plunge yet, you can always decide to do a day's worth of eyelash extensions every once in a while! In the game of eyelash extensions, there are several options. First, there is the classic pose, which is done eyelash by eyelash. This is the most natural option, also called the 2D pose. For more voluminous lashes there is the 3D pose and for a real Marilyn Monroe look, there is the Russian volume (even if in Russia it is called the American volume, in short). For this practice, several artificial eyelashes with a very fine and natural rendering and an extreme lightness are placed on a single lash, which multiplies them and brings a new intensity to the look.

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