How to beautify and strengthen your hair

The beauty of hair is the must of elegance and feminine charm. That's why taking care of it is necessary. Hair definitely reveals our personality and reflects our inclinations and affinities. Indeed, the choices that we adopt such as cuts or colorations answer the fine depths of our desires. A haircut and a colouring do not depend on fashion as much as they do on a woman's personality and style.

The intoxication of metamorphosis and the hairdressing salon

The hairdressing session is a crucial moment for all women. A new colouring, a radical change from a long haircut to a very short one, it is truly magical. The woman after a hairdressing session will feel like a different person, which will further strengthen her self-esteem.

How to strengthen your hair in summer

A nice cut or a suitable colour is not enough if the hair is damaged, i.e. a healthy lifestyle and a good diet must be put in place to achieve the desired results. Opt for these foods rich in B-group vitamins, which are the most effective in stimulating cell renewal, especially of the hair follicle. Vitamin B5 promotes growth, B8 regulates sebum secretion, and B6 strengthens keratin, such as nuts, liver, fish, meat, milk, and eggs with a dark orange yolk, linseed, olive and rapeseed oil, whole grains, legumes, spinach, corn... Hair and nails are the first to suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals, so a balanced diet is essential to overcome any deficiency.

Washing and moisturizing hair

Daily washes are dangerous because they can cause sebum disturbance and change the texture of the hair.  At the end of each rinse make sure your hair is squeaky. Avoid harsh detangling, brushing and straightening that damage hair and use shampoos that suit your hair type. And to boost your hair's shine and shine, be sure to moisturise it regularly with organic hair oils.

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