The benefits of the Steampod steam straightener

After the face, which is obviously the most important part of the body for women, hair is in second place. Yes, hair is considered to be a priority issue for well-being and beauty of course. If you like to take care of your hair in this case and are looking for a better quality straightener without having to damage it, the famous steampod steam straightener has considerable advantages.

General information about the Steampod steam straightener

What makes the steampod steam straightener special is its practicality and design. White and gold in colour, this professional straightener is more modern and chic. What's more, you don't feel the heat during use, so there's no risk of burns. Equipped with innovative steam technology, this steam straightener preserves and moisturises the hair thanks to the humid heat generated by the steam that comes out of the plates. You should know that the power of the steam is really considerable, as its flow rate is 3.5 grams per minute, with a continuous flow so that the pro-keratin care products can easily penetrate the hair fibre. It is also equipped with a removable smoothing comb specially designed to separate the hair before the plates pass through. As for the temperature, it is indeed adjustable, with 5 temperature levels (140°, 170°, 180°, 200° and 210°). Thanks to these temperature levels, this straightener can adapt to all types of hair (fine, thick or damaged). In addition, the plates of the steampod steam straightener are made of ceramic, a material that can heat the straightening surface optimally. Moreover, these ceramic plates are floating, thus allowing the hair to be smoothed from the roots to the ends with a more natural and pleasant effect: hair with more movement and volume.

Learn more about the advantages of the Steampod steam straightener

Indeed, the use of a Steampod steam straightener comes with many significant advantages. It can be seen that before buying this modernized steam straightener, the interested person sometimes asks this question: does steampod damage the hair? So the answer is quite simple: the Steampod steam straightener does not damage the hair, unlike other models in the lower range. Yes, that's why it has been so successful from the moment it first appeared on the market. This high-performance straightener protects your hair from thermal damage thanks to its ceramic plates as well as the diffused steam, which is hot but enriched with pro-keratin. This steam is diffused continuously, opening up the hair cuticle to further optimize moisture levels. Moreover, the smoothing will be more uniform thanks to the removable comb. With the removable comb, you can efficiently distribute your hair on the plate in addition to detangling it. The Steampod steam straightener can also save you a lot of time, just because it heats up quickly (in just a few seconds). What's more, the hair is straightened in a single pass of the straightener. What's more, if you dream of having a blow-dry that lasts several days, the Steampod straightener can perfectly meet this requirement. Whether your hair is fine or very thick, this appliance can suit you. Equipped with 5 temperature levels, you can adjust your steampod straightener according to the thickness of your hair. Compared to other straightener models, the steampod has an automatic shut-off system.

Practical tips on using the Steampod steam straightener

In addition to being stylish and chic, the steampod steam hair straightener is also very easy to use. Just follow a few steps to effectively straighten your hair. To begin with, you should know that this straightener should only be used on dry hair. So, after washing your hair, make sure it is completely dry before using your steampod steam straightener. This straightener is equipped with a water tank. Fill it with demineralised water, because if your water is too hard, you may damage the appliance. After filling the water tank, switch on your steampod straightener. Don't forget to set the temperature according to your hair type. If your hair is too fine, damaged or bleached, it is advisable to start with the lowest temperature and gradually increase it if necessary. Well before straightening, you should first separate your hair into 4 parts and then make finer separations of 3 to 4 cm. You should smooth the strands from below before tackling the top strands. Don't hesitate to use the integrated comb to untangle your hair to make brushing easier. Place your strand on the plate of your steampod straightener, then press once so that the value can be released and let the keratin go inside the hair. Then continue strand by strand.

Why is the steampod the best?

Today, it can be said that most professional hairdressers use this famous steam straightener and obviously recommend it to their clients. That's just because it's the best on the market. Thanks to the steampod steam straightener, you can make your hair a real asset on a daily basis. Of course, it is able to transform your hair into a smooth, silky and seductive material. Thanks to its pro-keratin formula (immediate effect), in addition to effectively disciplining your hair, it will give you in-depth care. What's more, you don't have to use any care products with the steampod steam straightener. Unlike other straighteners, there is no need to make several passes before effectively smoothing a strand, which can of course guarantee you an optimal result. In terms of design, the steampod steam straightener is sure to appeal to you.

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