A new capillary smoothing technique

Just like botox for wrinkles to smooth out wrinkles and restore the skin's youthfulness and radiance, botox for hair is a treatment dedicated to unruly and dull looking hair. Hair straightening technology is always able to improve its products to meet the expectations of most women who are perfectionists and concerned about having a trendy look.

What is botox hair?

Contrary to popular belief, hair botox is not the same as Brazilian straightening although both contain keratin. Hair botox rejuvenates the hair with a mixture of keratin, hyaluronic acid and amino acids. It sheathes the hair and gives it body and shine for a month.

How and where?

Botox is applied in a hairdressing salon. First with a brush the professional will penetrate the product with his hands like the hair colouring procedure. Then he puts a big cap on the hair and under a heating helmet for about twenty minutes to allow the product to penetrate the hair so that it heats up well.  After the twenty minutes, the hair is rinsed and then proceed with the hair styling/drying.

What result can be obtained? Is it effective?

The hair is softer and lighter, a bit like baby's hair, but visually, the frizz is still there. The hair is brighter, easier to style and silky smooth.  

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