Straightening, a treatment that can be done in a hair salon

To remedy the damage caused by brushing, colouring and care as well as external factors such as heat and chlorine, female beauty enthusiasts have created Brazilian keratin smoothing. The principle consists of reconstructing the hair thanks to a high concentration of keratin and essential amino acids such as silk protein.

Keratin straightening

It is a care with keratin, which is an essential constituent of hair and consists of 18 amino acids including 14% cysteine. Cosmetic keratin is extracted from vegetable or animal proteins and is boosted by the heat of the hair dryer and straightening plates. These molecules then come to repair the small breaches to relax the hair without modifying its chemical structure. This is why cosmetics insist a lot on the importance of this treatment and constantly present it as a truly miraculous product.

Effects of keratin treatment

Contrary to popular belief, keratin straightening does not straighten the hair, it only has the power to soften curls and relax the hair. No more frizzes, no more unruly manes and blow-drying will be easier and faster.

Formaldehyde-free Brazilian straightening kit

The formaldehyde-free Brazilian smoothing contains keratin from sheep's wool. In 2 hours you can have a dream hair for 12 to 16 weeks. Just follow 3 steps: a preparatory shampoo, then the smoothing treatment that applies strand by strand, dry with a brush and then with the smoothing plates. The ironing operation is a little tedious, so it is best to apply it at a reputable professional.

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