Brazilian smoothing and formaldehyde

Published on : 29 January 20202 min reading time

To preserve human and animal tissue, formalin is used as a preservative, which is very much in demand in taxidermy. This product also exists in everyday objects such as shampoos, home insulation, Brazilian smoothing and many others. It is also found under the names of formaldehyde, methanal, formalin, formaldehyde, formalin…

The dangers of formaldehyde

All studies have proven that this substance can trigger skin and eye irritations, allergies, eczema, breathing difficulties and even cancer. Moreover, since 2005, the WHO has already classified formalin as a harmful and carcinogenic substance that must be avoided.

Formaldehyde and Brazilian smoothing

Despite all the warnings and official statements it has been claimed that formalin has been intimately linked to the genesis of Brazilian straightening because it allows to fix the keratin in the hair, in the cortex, for 3 months.

Straightening without formalin

The cosmetics industry reacted immediately to this issue and created formalin-free products to alleviate this health problem. Despite these attempts, Brazilian smoothing products loaded with formaldehyde are still in circulation. To avoid the disastrous consequences, read the indications on the packaging and make sure that the cosmetics you buy are organic.

The effect of formaldehyde is really spectacular: hair shines like never before but the risks are enormous.

The risks associated with formaldehyde

The presence of this carcinogenic substance in Brazilian hair straightening can damage the health of the hairdresser and his customers. The risks are numerous: massive hair loss, malformation of babies, skin allergies and respiratory problems, throat cancer. Hairdressers, under the effect of inhalation, run the same risks as their clients, including throat cancer.

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