Effective solutions for strengthening and repairing damaged hair

Your hair is often subjected to intensive care and several external factors that weaken it and reduce its shine and strength. In order to protect and strengthen your hair, you not only need to acquire a new range of products, but you also need to find vitamins that guarantee elasticity and good hydration. In fact, strong and beautiful hair is a sign of general good health, which means that if your hair is healthy, so are your nails and teeth, which explains the usefulness of certain treatments dedicated to hair and nails.

Brazilian Smoothing

Brazilian straightening is a best-seller in South and North America and has become the most popular treatment in the world of aesthetics and hairdressing. Indeed, its powers to improve your hair quality and its effectiveness compared to other traditional products, which transform the molecular structure of the hair, make it the flagship product of feminine beauty. The secret is its richness in keratin, a natural protein found in hair, skin and nails that protects hair against external aggressions such as pollution, drying, UV rays, sea water and reinforces the hair's impermeability. Brazilian Straightening is also an advantageous alternative for coloured hair or hair already weakened by successive treatments.

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