Red hair without cosmetic products!

The best way to get a beautiful mane and vibrant colour without the risk of getting your hair attacked by chemical-filled dyes is to apply henna. In terms of quality and effectiveness, this plant is really what you need for permanent colouring.

Ideal tip before using organic hair care products

The best solution is to cut your hair very short in order to get rid of damaged hair once and for all and then proceed with a natural treatment. Don't take the risk if you think short cuts are not for you.

Applying henna to hair one hair of fire

To colour your hair with henna, you can have it applied for two hours or overnight to take full advantage of the treatment. Just rinse with water and no shampoo. You can untangle and remove the last remnants with a wide-toothed comb and conditioner. Leave for at least 48 hours to allow the pigments to set properly.

Steps to follow to apply your hair coloring

Divide your hair into three sections: two in front and one behind. Start with an application at the roots. Then attack the first side and as you go along, stretch the henna along the lengths and ends. As soon as you finish one side, bend your hair and repeat the operation on the other side. Once the application is finished, flatten your hair well so that it forms a kind of headband. From root to tip, take thin sections at the back of your head and continue the operation. Once the application is finished, massage to distribute the henna evenly. Finally, with a warm towel, cover your head for better pigment activation.

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