Regenerate your hair with natural colouring products

Your hair is subject to intensive and recurrent use of chemical products that act over time on its texture and thus contribute to several abnormalities such as hair loss, itching, dull colour... To restore strength and beauty to your mane, you need to know how to find your daily shampoo and care products.

Nourishing your hair and restoring its suppleness

To intensely nourish the fibre and regenerate the hair, give your hair a deep conditioning bath. The precious, rich and soft textures of Elseve masks could restore the original suppleness of your hair in record time.

Covering your gray hair without risk

If you want to forget about white hair once and for all, L'Oréal Paris has the shade that's right for you. La Sublime Mousse is also L'Oréal Paris' first mousse hair-colour that can be applied like a shampoo. Its creamy texture and light, cloud-like lather is a true moment of voluptuousness. As for the coverage of white hair, the result is guaranteed.

Tips for successful hair coloring

Before applying your hair-colour, you should act with vigilance and check whether the product may cause allergies. Dip a cotton swab into the colouring and apply it behind the ear for 48 hours. Never apply the product to clean hair because sebum protects the scalp. Apply a moisturizing cream to the skin, along the roots, without touching the scalp. After rinsing, if you have overflowed, pass a cotton pad soaked in cleansing milk to remove traces.

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