Beauty tips from stars

While many women opt for classic cosmetic products without worrying about the consequences, others are well aware of the risks? This is why they have found the right alternative, for a simpler and more natural beauty. The British singer Alex Hepburn has finally confided in us her beauty secret and her passion for organic beauty products and treatments.

Special bathroom products from the star

She confessed to us that she's addicted to Clinique skin scrubs. She insisted that she only uses organic products, and in particular she confessed that she prefers the American brand Aubrey Organics.

Why does she prefer organic products?

Like her mother, the star loves the essential oils and fruits she saw applied to her skin. For example, she uses lemon on her face to remove make-up. Lemon has strong astringent and antibacterial properties, which is why it is very effective in fighting blemishes. Applied with a cotton pad to the problem areas of the face, it can eliminate blackheads, disinfect pimples and tighten pores.

Alex Hepburn's beauty ritual and its beauty secret

The scrub is the must of Alex's beauty that she takes care to apply every three days. She dispenses with all the chemicals and uses a moisturizer to permanently nourish her skin and to remove make-up. "There's nothing better for her than water and olive oil! "she says. As for the real secret to the beauty of her hair, she cuts it all the time. Her favourite product is olive oil because she uses it to moisturize her hair regularly.

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