Eyelash extensions: how does it work?

If there is a part of the face that needs to be treated when applying make-up, it is the eyes. Well-worked eyelids and lashes immediately give a more alert, lively, alert and sensual look. The reason is simple: the eyes and everything around them structure the face. That's why, when you don't wear make-up, you are often told that you look tired. Usually reserved for the stars, the eyelash extension technique is becoming more and more popular.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions allow above all to obtain longer, fuller and more curved lashes. To achieve them, two main products are used: the glue that is used to connect the natural lash with the extension and the lash extension itself. A classic eyelash extension or eyelash to eyelash extension is done using two tweezers. The technician chooses the natural lash on which she will place the extension, creates space around it and then applies the extension. You can visit misencil.com/ and learn more about eyelash extensions. For the Russian volume eyelash extension, more spectacular, it works differently. A fan of lashes is applied directly to create a thicker fringe.

How do you recognize a well-made extension?

You can immediately see a quality eyelash extension when the work is clean and you can't see the glue. It is also important to place the artificial eyelash on one other natural eyelash and not several in order to respect the growth cycle of each lash. A good technician works quickly so as not to let the glue dry, but an application session lasts about 1h30 for the classic application. For a Russian volume, count between 2 and 3 hours. Another factor to take into account is the price. It is a treatment done on the eyes and it is not the same as a manicure or a hair removal. You put your eyes in the hands of someone who will work with tweezers and strong chemicals! Selecting the cheapest option could be dramatic.

How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

Beauty specialists provide you with a small brush in the form of a brush brush head to be used morning and evening on your extensions to give them back their shape and to brush them, always delicately. If you wish to wear the extensions on a regular basis, i.e. come back for a refill every month, they recommend a special tea tree oil-based eyelash shampoo to cleanse impurities, traces of make-up etc... Above all, do not use oil on the extensions as it removes glue. As it is forbidden to rub your eyelashes (especially with cotton), mascara is to be avoided while you are wearing your extensions. But honestly, you won't need it.

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