How is an eyelash extension application performed?

The beautician puts patches under your eyes to protect them from glue and sometimes offers you to wear a hairnet. Normally, to maintain the extensions, the person who put them on gives you a small eyelash brush, which looks like a clean mascara brush. Check if you want to know more about eyelash extension products. You can also use the brush from one of your old mascara as long as it is well cleaned. This kind of application can really change a look, so I would advise you to test false eyelashes (the ones you can buy in stores) for a day to see if you get used to seeing yourself like this on a daily basis.

The maintenance of eyelash extensions

To keep lashes looking beautiful, you need to do an eyelash filling every three or four weeks or so (it varies from person to person) which really costs less than the initial application. You should make an appointment as soon as you find that your lashes are thinning and that it starts to bother you aesthetically. If you wish to stop your eyelash extension experience, you must ask for an eyelash extension removal. The ideal is to always go through a pro to do it if you are not patient to see them fall out one by one.

Preconceived ideas about eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions do not damage natural lashes if done correctly. This practice does not always have a good reputation because of unfortunate and spectacular cases that sometimes circulate on the networks where clients find themselves... without eyelashes afterwards. I imagine that this kind of misadventure can be very frightening. But it doesn't happen with trusted professionals (I explain below how to choose the right eyelash technician). Extensions don't make lashes fall out, our lashes have their own life cycle. That's how they fall on our cheeks and allow us to make wishes. The eyelash falls naturally and the extension stuck to it accompanies it in its fall. Extensions really don't weigh much, we even forget they exist.

Where to get your eyelash extensions? Who to choose?

This kind of service requires a professional intervention! It is necessary to be meticulous and demanding when choosing your provider. In general, you have two options: go through a beauty institute or a private individual who has had training and a diploma in eyelash extensions. You can find very good individuals who have made this practice their specialty or even their profession. When the prices are really too attractive it is better to be wary! But a good application can start at 60€, for a classic application, it all depends on where you do it. A home installation is generally less expensive than a salon installation.

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