Densifying powder: the test solution for your hair

Published on : 29 January 20203 min reading time

We’ve been hearing about this product, densifying powder, for some time now. Now available to everyone and not just the stars, it is now considered the miracle product for fine or thinning hair. As a result, several brands have invaded this market, including this particularly popular solution. Want to take the plunge and test it on your hair? Let’s find out more about it first.

What exactly is densifying powder?

A real current trend, densifying powder is, as its name suggests, a powder for hair. It comes in the form of micro-particles of natural keratin, which is a hormone naturally present in the hair, up to 95%. The use of this product therefore represents no risk, and both men and women can use it to give density and volume to their hair.

This powder is in fact intended for people with fine hair or one or more areas of the scalp that are thinning. It should not be considered as a treatment for advanced baldness. If this is your case, you will find more suitable solutions in this article. In case of baldness, the loss of hair is consequent, all or part of the scalp being totally bald. For the powder to work the presence of hair is necessary.

Densifying powder, how does it work?

The keratin microfibres that go into the composition of the densifying powder are charged with electrons, this electrostatic charge being opposite to that of the hair. It is thanks to this charge that they are then attracted and retained by the hair remaining on the thinning area, giving a natural-looking result.

The use of the product is therefore quite simple. Pre-washed hair must be thoroughly dried before applying the powder. The powder should be sprinkled a few centimetres away from the hair. We’ll tell you more about how to use it here. The result is obtained fairly quickly and is long-lasting but not definitive.

Densifying powder, how long does it last?

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of densifying powder. Its benefits are real, with hair having the appearance of natural volume and density. Users can choose between several colours, from blond to brown, to give them the possibility to find the shade that will perfectly match their hair. Moreover, it is free of side effects and is not known to pose any health risks. Its results, as appreciable as they may be, are however limited in time.

Indeed, if the powder does not prevent you from doing sports, is resistant to wind and sun and does not limit you in the activities that you are used to doing, its effect disappears on contact with water. Rain and swimming should therefore be carefully avoided. Shampooing with water will also put an end to the effect of the powder on the hair. Opting for a dry shampoo is a good trick to enjoy its benefits for longer. Try densifying powder. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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