Eyelash extensions in easy steps

In this article, we will show you step by step the essential points of the eyelash extension application process.

Step 1 - placing the tampons under the lashes

Choose hairless tampons and be careful not to place them too close to the eyes. The sticker should be placed above the natural lower lashes, about 3-4 millimetres from the lower lash line. Check the lids below and make sure that the pads are well adhered without leaving any gaps.

Step 2 - Select the appropriate lashes for the specific client.

If you are using feather-type or mink eyelashes, always place at least three different lengths of extensions. The range of lengths should be between 8 and 14 millimetres to create the desired effect of thick and spectacular lashes. It is recommended to use 8 mm lash extensions in the inner corner of the eyes to avoid the clown effect. It is also essential to use lash extensions between 8 and 14 millimetres along the entire length of the eye to achieve a beautiful, dense lash line. The ineffective combination of short lash extensions can lead to the risk of a spider leg effect for the longer ones. For a natural look, choose a thickness of 0.15 mm and the B or C curve of the lashes. Thin lash extensions give a more natural look. Find more about eyelash extension via misencil.com/.

Step 3 - Make individual lashes

Spread the lashes on the vinyl holder so that you can choose lash extensions accurately and quickly. Carefully place the lash extensions in the tweezers in the right direction. They should be at 90° from the straight tweezers for quick and precise application.

Step 4 - plunge the lashes into the glue. Russian Eyelash Extensions

Applying the glue is one of the most important steps in making lash extensions beautiful and long-lasting. The choice of glue depends on how quickly you are comfortable working, as well as the ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) of the room. While holding the eyelash extension by its pointed end, dip the other end into the glue you have chosen. Our advice is to use a strong glue for greater durability, which is a guarantee for satisfied customers. Make sure there is enough glue at the base of the lashes and remove the excess before applying the lashes.

Step 5 - Separating and gluing

Separate the natural lashes with the twisted tweezers. Carefully hold the extension by its pointed end and place it on the natural lash. Cover the natural lash with glue. Apply it evenly from the base to the top without leaving any gaps. Spread it until it covers the lashes evenly.

Step 6 - Shape Lash Extensions

After covering the natural lash with enough glue, adjust the extension to about 1 millimeter from the eyelid and gently glue to the natural lashes. The lash should be upward, parallel to the other lashes and free of glue droplets. Do not touch the extension after putting it on! Continue in another part of the eye or in the other eye and repeat the procedure until it is finally difficult to separate the natural lashes.

Step 7 - Eyelash Separation

Two lash extensions or natural lashes should not be stuck together. Use two tweezers to separate lashes that are too close together and could stick together. Grasp and separate horizontally even if the glue has already dried. Better late than not separating them at all. Never pull vertically. Repeat steps six and seven until all natural lashes are connected to an individual extension.

Step 8 - Drying the glue for the eyelash extension

When all the eyelash extensions are firmly bonded to the natural lashes, wait for the last lashes to dry, between 3 and 5 minutes. Spray with distilled water, wait for it to dry again for 3 minutes and perform a final separation cycle to obtain a perfect fan.

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