Eyelashes extentions: instructions for the application procedure

An eyelashes kit contains tools for Beauty Institutes, Hair Salons, Authorized Cosmeticians-Aestheticians, Demographics and Eyelash Extension Specialists. The glues manufactured by us are strong and long-lasting. Moreover, the procedure requires very precise handling with tweezers in the delicate eye area. We must therefore be sure that the professionals are very well trained and familiar with the procedure of false eyelashes application. We consider that this product should not be used by people who do not have the respective training in aesthetic professions. The instructions below will help professionals to apply the eyelash extensions correctly. You can visit https://misencil.com also and learn further more information about eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension step by step


Clean all the tools you will use in the eyelash extension procedure and place them on your side. Wash your hands. Make sure the work area is well lit. Ask your client if she wears contact lenses. If so, she should remove them for the duration of the procedure. Your client should be lying comfortably. Begin by cleaning and refreshing the face and eyelashes. Use a cleanser that does not contain oils. Important: Do not curl the lashes before applying the extensions. The straighter the eyelashes are, the more easily they can be reattached. Define the way you want to apply the lashes, choose the lash sizes you will use and place them next to you.


1. Apply the tape first. The lower lashes should be covered with the tape. This way you will be able to see the natural lashes more easily and prevent the glue from falling onto the eyelid. Your client should remain with closed eyes until the procedure is completed. 2. Use a Combo Brush Eyelash Comb to comb the lashes. 3. Shake the glue well and place a drop on a clear surface (a small area of glass for example). Don't forget to close the glue tightly to prevent it from hardening. 4. With your left hand, take the Curved Pincer and separate one natural lash from the others. 5. Using the right Pliers, take the false eyelash by its pointed tip and plunge 1/3 to 1/2 of the eyelash into the glue by its flat end. 6. Before applying the artificial lash with the glue on the natural lash, check again if the natural lash is well separated from the others. When applying the artificial lash, place it 0.5 mm to 1 mm from the root of the natural lash. DO NOT apply the artificial lash to the root of natural lashes or to the eyelid. This may cause skin discomfort and irritation. Before finishing with the application of each lash, make sure that it is glued in a vertical position. The secret of the natural look is in the quality of fixing the extension to the natural lash. A false lash should be glued to a natural lash only. 7. Wait a few seconds until the glue dries (use the Blow Pear). 8. Follow the shape of the natural lashes from the outer tip to the inner tip to apply the extensions. The shape of the natural lashes is as follows: Average lash length near the outer part, longer in the center and shorter lash length in the inner part of the eyelid (near the nose). The longest extensions should be placed in the middle area of the eyelid. 9. Work in parallel. Apply one lash to the left eyelid and then one lash to the right eyelid. This way you can avoid gluing the lashes together, because the glue on one eyelid will dry while you apply the extensions to the other. At the end of the procedure, you should have the same amount of extensions on both eyes. 10. After you have finished applying all the necessary extensions you wait 10 minutes until the glue dries. Remember that your client must keep her eyes closed until the end of the procedure. 11. Carefully remove the tape. 12. Give your client the care instructions.

Important facts about eyelash extensions

1. Eyelashes must be straight to get the best result from the application of false eyelashes. Do not curl natural lashes. Curved lashes are difficult to work with. They cannot bind perfectly to false lashes. 2. The mascara on the lashes must be thoroughly cleaned before applying the false lashes. 3. As a rule of thumb, extensions should be 1/2 to 1/3 longer than your client's natural lashes. Any request for longer extensions should be carefully considered because the application may fail. 4. Good adhesion is the secret to successful eyelash extensions. Any separation between false and natural lashes will affect the integrity of the connection and the effects will be short-lived. 5. If the client has tears when applying the eyelashes (e.g. after falling asleep) immediately wipe away the tears with a soft cotton swab. 6. Use the Eyelash Combo Brush to comb the lashes at the end of the procedure. This way you can make sure that none of the lashes are stuck to another. Check that the connection of all false lashes is intact.

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