Professionals for tailor-made hairdressing and colour

Changing your hairstyle is not easy for everyone. Hair care and straightening are not enough, you have to get your hair cut from time to time to get rid of damaged areas and have a shiny and vigorous hair. Trendy hairstyles are varied but you don't dare to do them because you doubt that they conform to the shape of your face. Well, today, thanks to professional stylists and colorists, hairdressing is booming and customers are more and more confident and assured of results.

What is a facial hairdresser?

It is a hairdresser who holds a diploma as a facial hairdresser allowing him to acquire the techniques to reveal a look, refine a nose, attenuate a forehead that is too big and camouflage defects. The training of these hairdressers is focused on the subtlety and geometry of the face. They will thus be able to recommend the hairstyle that corresponds to the morphology of your skull and your skin tone.

His role

Equipped with expert techniques, the hair stylist is the best person to guide the customer's choices regarding the hairstyle to be done. The hairstylist-visage stylist is an excellent technician capable of developing cutting techniques and trained in several methods such as the use of hair extensions as essential beauty accessories. His professionalism and creativity are a guarantee of success for both clients and the hairdressing industry.

The colorist hairdresser-permanentist

The permanent colourist is a hairdresser specialized in the preparation of colours and perms while respecting the parameters of aesthetics and hygiene.

His skills

The permanent colourist acts with vigilance and rigour in the choice of products and care. Applied and experienced, he will be able to advise the most appropriate technique for his clients. His presence as a referent is therefore the must have of all hairdressing salons.

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