The braid, a hairstyle for every occasion!

It is popular, easy to make, the braid that is always good for spring. In spite of its simplicity, it reveals a traditional stylized style. However, to wear it, you need dense and long hair. Hairdressing professionals are becoming more and more creative in declining this romantic and wild hairstyle at the same time.

The headband braid

The latest hair trend is the headband braid as seen on the Nicole Miller fashion show. Made with wide strands, it's not too tight for a natural and chic finish. It can be used as a natural neck cover, in its unstructured version, so that it manages to wrap the neck and carefully adorn the décolleté.

The regressive braid

The look that was spotted in Antonio Berardi's catwalk was a true homage to the regressive braid: two thin braids on the side slipped behind the ears.

The special bridal braid

When the wind of romance blows on the Dolce & Gabbana parade, we see the models modeling with braids fixed in a pretty bun to go to ceremonies. For a special occasion, the chic chignon braid or the loose four-strand braid is superb. The boho braid is another option, which is relatively simple to perform: you just have to style two braids on each side of the head and pull them back to make a duvet. Then, for a more stylish effect, you can add a head jewel and your bridal hairstyle is ready.

The African braid

Long hair is the symbol of femininity par excellence. Also the African braid, called plaited (glued to the scalp) is at the heart of the hairdressing trend. In addition to its advantage of being suitable for all types of long hair, it can also be worn on all occasions. To make an African braid, simply separate the hair by drawing several stripes and then start braiding the strands in threes until the end.

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