Star look that suits you

A star embodies feminine beauty and elegance. There's nothing like the looks people throw around. They are the most striking and endearing. So to be right on the mark, the latest news on the look of the stars, could directly guide your choices. Go for the look that touches your emotion and matches your style to highlight your strong points.

Star look

The true doll of modern times Miranda Kerr is as radiant as ever. She stood out with her trendy look in a tight yellow dress with snake print in harmony with super trendy accessories: black bag, fine earrings, a ring around her neck and pretty rings.

Miranda's make-up

Its strong point is its sublime and unified complexion. A touch of mascara to highlight the beauty of her blue eyes, a coral lipstick and cheekbones lightly plumped. On the fashion side, she is the muse of H&M, Wonderbra, Reebook, Escada for spring 2014.

Vanessa Paradis' look

Vanessa Paradis poses on the front page of "Elle" magazine, adopting a punkette, punchy look, flashy eye make-up, a very rock'n roll hairstyle. This radical metamorphosis has created a buzz that has raised several questions on social networks. And lately we discovered her with short and curly hair. In explaining this change, Vanessa confessed that it was simply director John Turturro who proposed this very short haircut to her to shoot in a short skit film.

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